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real estate industry

Redefining the 

Experienced. Efficient. Exemplary.

I am redefining the real estate experience:As an experienced top agent, ​I am committed to making every home buying and selling experience a success. In this competitive market, you need more than just a real estate agent with knowledge. You need one that knows how to keep your best interest first by having the flexibility and foresight to meet the ever changing market conditions that come with increasing inventory and buyer competition. I thrive on understanding my clients’ needs in order to offer them the best service available. 


Why I love Real Estate!

Relationship Driven

Real Estate Agent

As a relationship-driven agent, my clients are rarely strangers. I take the time to get to know them, their lives and their goals.


Serving Through

Home Buying:

It is my passion and purpose: I am dedicated to serving my clients' needs to the best of my ability while providing unrivaled personalized customer service. 


My Passion Moves Me

I am thrilled to help you buy your dream home: As a life-long real estate entrepreneur, wife and mother I understand the importance of finding the perfect home for your family.

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Real Estate is about more than just buying or selling homes. It’s really about representing my client’s greatest asset to my client’s greatest benefit. 

Specializing in Real Estate Strategy and Success with many transactions and millions of dollars in sales, I have developed a rapport with clients from all backgrounds and areas of the world.  Being from California, I bring a vibrant vibe, and love that I am able to meet people, build a relationship, and make a significant difference in their lives.  

My reputation precedes me with professionalism, integrity, and passion for Real Estate as I am sought out by both seasoned and first-time home buyers, experienced investors, business professionals, and homeowners seeking to sell their own homes to represent them on their real estate endeavors.  I also have a background in multifamily real estate, development, and property management which contributes to making me the perfect agent to assist you with your real estate transaction.

One of my most recognized attributes is my negotiating skills.  I have been so successful at the process that I decided to make it official and earned my RENE (Real Estate Negotiating Expert) designation. I have also received my COS designation (Certified Occupancy Specialist) which certifies me to work with local affordable housing programs and initiatives in the community. I am a Licensed Property Manager in Washington, D.C. as well. Educating myself on topics and matters that are important to my clients is a constant part of what I do to keep myself in the know about today’s market.


GEt to know me

This is Real Estate done right.  No need to be nervous about your property experience. With so many options in the real estate market, the process of buying or selling a home can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating, but I believe a great realtor can make a lot of difference. Being a reputable agent requires a vast understanding of the current market trends, the ability to manage and overcome unforeseen challenges, excellent communication skills, in addition to being able to understand a client's specific needs.  I bring this and so much more to the table and keep you informed throughout the entire process as you meet a significant milestone in your life.

I pride myself on how I provide customer focused service, placing them first and how I go the extra mile every time to ensure that they have a successful and hassle-free buying and selling experience.  

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